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Science • Communication • Improvisation

Dr. Ben Hartwig: The Science Trainer


Dr. Ben Hartwig got a Ph.D. in genetics, is a professional actor in improvised theater, philanthropist and science trainer. He was the first trainer in Germany to professionally combine science and applied improvisation. 

In his unique and effective workshops and seminars he offers science enthusiasts, developers and innovators a state of the art learning experience. His company Neuroblitz® works with companies, institutes and universities in English and in German. 

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About Neuroblitz

Neuroblitz is my training system for enhanced performance. Scientific findings are explained through stories and integrated through simple and playful excercises. The aim of Neuroblitz is to inspire you to reach your full potential.


During my ten years as a trainer I have never found a better tool for working together than improvisational theater. In our lives we improvise frequently, whenever we juggle a full schedule, whenever our devices don’t do what we want them to do or whenever a new person comes into our lives unexpectedly. In my opinion…


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The workshop helped me most of all to understand people who are different from me, to see where they are coming from and why they might react the way they do.

Rosa Gierens

Doktorandin, Universität zu Köln

Ben helped me improve my communication skills personally and professionally. I would recommend anyone looking to imrove her/his communication skills to attend.

Siddarth Jain

Junior Sales Consultant, Danfoss

The workshop was very thoughtful. It not only provided an insight about managing team dynamics but also helped me understand my own mindset while interacting in different situations.

Shantanu Kunmar Jha

Project Manager, euNetworks

The workshop with Ben Hartwig helped me to become more aware of the flow of verbal and/or body communication between two or more individuals in a group.

Bulëza Koci

Head of Production, Eurozyto GmbH