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Science • Communication • Improvisation


Science • Communication • Improvisation

Dr. Ben Hartwig: The Science Trainer


Dr. Ben Hartwig got a Ph.D. in genetics, is a professional actor in improvised theater, philanthropist and science trainer. He was the first trainer in Germany to professionally combine science and applied improvisation. 

In his unique and effective workshops and seminars he offers science enthusiasts, developers and innovators a state of the art learning experience. His company Neuroblitz® works with companies, institutes and universities in English and in German. 

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Four tips to acquire resilience for Scientists

Resilience is the power to bounce back from adversity. You feel the stress, but it does not break you, instead, you learn to let it pass. What makes us resilient and how can we use it in science?

Magic tools against worry and anxiety

In the lab during the day and on stage at night – this is how I spent a big chunk of my adult life. When I started getting paid to do improvised comedy on stage, I was still working in a lab hunting genes and discovering how the...

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The workshop helped me most of all to understand people who are different from me, to see where they are coming from and why they might react the way they do.

Rosa Gierens

Doktorandin, Universität zu Köln

Ben helped me improve my communication skills personally and professionally. I would recommend anyone looking to imrove her/his communication skills to attend.

Siddarth Jain

Junior Sales Consultant, Danfoss

The workshop was very thoughtful. It not only provided an insight about managing team dynamics but also helped me understand my own mindset while interacting in different situations.

Shantanu Kunmar Jha

Project Manager, euNetworks

The workshop with Ben Hartwig helped me to become more aware of the flow of verbal and/or body communication between two or more individuals in a group.

Bulëza Koci

Head of Production, Eurozyto GmbH