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Self-Management at your workplace (26th of May in Brussels)

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A self-management workshop to get things done and feel fulfilled and energised at the same time

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Self-Management Workshop

(Workshop-language is English)

There is a relationship which is usually essential to success in life. I’m not talking about your partner, your kids or your best friend. I’m talking about your relationship with your work. After all, you spend more time working than most other activities in your life. When work is meaningful life blossoms.

Yet, dissatisfaction at work is more common than spots on a leopard. This dissatisfaction often strongly affects other areas of life, such as your relationships and your health. In this case you mainly have three choices – you can:

  • Increase the positive
  • Decrease the negative
  • Be with what is

Change at work begins with self-management. By increasing the meaningfulness of what you do, you will get things done and feel fulfilled and energized at the same time. In this workshop we’ll show you how to take action on managing yourself to increase your sense of living on purpose.

Dr. Ben Hartwig and Munir Rashid have worked with big corporations, startups and individuals around the world. They have a strong background in SCRUM, Google Design Sprints, Applied Improvisation, Coaching and Science.

This workshop is designed to tap into your strengths and resources. Through fun and energizing exercises you’ll see your work with different eyes and be empowered to work with meaning.

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26.05.19 // 2pm – 5pm

Fee: 50 €

Early Bird: 35 €

Best wishes,

Ben & Munir



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