The workshop helped me most of all to understand people who are different from me, to see where they are coming from and why they might react the way they do.

Rosa Gierens

Aktivistin, Greenpeace

Ben helped me improve my communication skills personally and professionally. I would recommend anyone looking to imrove her/his communication skills to attend.

Siddarth Jain

Junior Sales Consultant, Danfoss

The workshop with Ben Hartwig helped me to become more aware of the flow of verbal and/or body communication between two or more individuals in a group

Bulëza Koci

Head of Production, Eurozyto GmbH

Als das Seminar begann kannte ich niemanden im Raum. Doch nach nur vier Stunden ist ein richtiges Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl entstanden, und ich war begeistert.

Dr. Carsten Hutt

Geschäftsführer, SciConomy

Ich habe das Seminar sehr genossen, da ich gelernt habe, meine Emotionen besser zu kontrollieren, und konnte dies bei meinen nächsten Vorträgen direkt anwenden.

Dr. Clementine LeRoux

Postdoc, Max-Planck Institut

The workshop was very thoughtful. It not only provided an insight about managing team dynamics but also helped me understand my own mindset while interacting in different situations.

Shantanu Kunmar Jha

Project Manager, euNetworks

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